Turning Point Consultancy Services

TPCS continues to assist our community in recovering from the impacts of the long-running COVID crisis. By facilitating the distribution of food packets to needy people and those in labor in Bangladesh, thus extending its horizons beyond India. In light of the food insecurity faced by over 110 million people worldwide during this pandemic, we’ve decided to extend our outreach to the most vulnerable in society. I believe it is time for us to put together a serious, comprehensive, and cooperative effort to improve the drastic conditions of society as efficiently as possible, even if it just takes providing a person with a plate of food.


COVID-19 bought back harrowing memories for many daily wage earners and migrants who were forced out of their livelihoods to help India navigate through this crisis.

We are glad to announce the opening of our covid relief campaign that turns out to be our most successful one so far with the support of our generous donors and most dedicated team who stood up in this hard time to serve the people in need. Handling 2 campaigns at the same time and giving in their best. We extend our heartiest gratitude to our amazing donors who bountifully sent us their contributions and our staunch volunteers who stand with HOPES to lift up the souls and spread smiles, no matter how hard the situation is.

As we enter stage 3 of the pandemic, TPCS joined hands together to create awareness about covid-19 situation. The awareness of the virus’s impact is still low in our country and it is difficult to actually make them understand the crisis we are in. Together we can make India covid free if we follow the norms or wear masks and social distancing.