Turning Point Consultancy Services

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TPCS specializes in marketing consulting that focuses on helping organizations effectively build, manage, and protect their brand and reputation.

We support the automation of your brand

we advocate for the automation of your brand, offering expertise in crafting successful marketing strategies, effective brand identities, and compelling narratives for consumers. Our consultants specialize in assessing and analyzing your current brand positioning, providing guidance on how to fortify it. Our goal is to establish a robust, recognizable brand that resonates with customers, fosters loyalty, and drives sales. From developing and implementing brand strategies to utilizing digital media for brand promotion, we are dedicated to supporting brand growth through strategic and innovative approaches.

Our roadmap for your business success


Develop vision &

We aim to build a strong, recognizable brand that resonates with customers, builds loyalty, and drives sales.


Understanding existing process

By reviewing the current marketing initiatives, pinpointing target markets, and developing a long-term vision for the brand, tpcs provides a tactical plan for the client.


Identify change

Spot emerging threats in your industry. Discover opportunities for business growth. We keep your sales reps informed and develop winning pitches. Using reliable information, benchmark yourself.


Implement new

At TPCS India, we conduct ongoing evaluations and enhance the workflow to reach strategic conclusions.


Evaluate the new

TPCS will assist you in reaching your business goals for the future by analyzing current market trends. Predict your competitors’ next moves and prepare to counteract them.


Ongoing continuas improvment

Turning Point Consulting Services also focuses on competition analysis as one of its primary areas of expertise.

We tirelessly operate in the realms of marketing communications, product innovation, sales, retail, and exceptional customer experiences to refine your brand positioning. Through a comprehensive review of current marketing initiatives, target market identification, and the formulation of a long-term brand vision, TPCS crafts a strategic plan tailored to each client. Our emphasis lies in persuading audiences to embrace our beloved products. TPCS cultivates enduring relationships with clients, fostering collaboration for the creation of a successful brand strategy that instills confidence in customers. The outcome is a cohesive brand image aligned with the business objectives.